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At B&T Construction, our journey began with a simple question: "What do people need?" The answer became clear—windows! After an extensive search and meetings with various suppliers, we found the perfect fit with Andersen Corporation. This partnership aligns seamlessly with our values, offering quality, innovation, and support for Certified Contractors through home window installation in Reno & many other window related services.

Andersen Corporation Legacy

Founded in 1903 as the Andersen Lumber Company, Andersen has evolved into a leading window frame business. Today, with over 13,000 employees in North America and Quebec, Andersen continues to set industry standards.

Our Process with Andersen

Partnering with Andersen provides us with serious leads. From measurement to installation, we cover every detail, ensuring a smooth process. Our approach is characterized by respect for your space, clear communication about the installation process, and a commitment to being organized, self-maintained, timely, efficient, and respectful when performing window installation in Reno, or even replacement window installation in Reno.

General Contractor Expertise

What distinguishes us is our extensive experience as general contractors, not merely window installers. We genuinely care about your home, communicating any concerns during the installation process. In cases where we identify issues like rot, immediate communication is crucial, allowing us to support additional work promptly through our window installation in Reno.

Appreciating Andersen's Fibrex

We appreciate Andersen's commitment to innovation, particularly with Fibrex—a material twice as strong as vinyl. This material excels in extreme temperatures, providing durable exteriors that resist fading, flaking, blistering, or peeling.

Fibrex® Material Highlights:

  • A blend of 40% wood fiber and 60% thermoplastic polymer, mostly reclaimed from Andersen's manufacturing processes.
  • Blocks thermal transfer 700 times better than aluminum, reducing heating and cooling bills.
  • Environmentally friendly with reduced VOC emissions.
  • Twice as strong as vinyl, ensuring weather-tight seals in all climates.
  • Unique fabrication process for long-lasting beauty.
  • Resistant to rot, decay, fungal growth, and won't flake, blister, peel, pit, or corrode.

Elevate your home with the excellence of Andersen windows. Contact B&T Construction today to embark on a transformative journey for your space!

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Experience the unparalleled quality and innovation of Andersen Windows through B&T Construction. Transform your space with our dedicated team, combining extensive general contractor expertise and the superior performance of Andersen's Fibrex material.
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